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When Dave was 25 he realised he was a pretty rubbish graphic designer, so he took up a skateboard and crossed Australia. He hasn't looked back, and now he's a record-breaking adventurer, author and motivational speaker, as well as the founder of SayYesMore, aka. don't waste opportunities.

Amongst other things he has paddleboarded the length of the Mississippi, swum 1001 miles, written three books, stayed awake for 72 hours without turning crazy, and for years has tried in vain to get Nutella to sponsor his adventures. But will he give up? Never!
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Monday 20th February 2012
Leicester Square VUE Cinema, London
Tickets available on the door

Imagine throwing in your job and travelling around the world with your girlfriend and 8 month old baby. Mitch Stokes did that. Or rowing across the Pacific Ocean taking a route that nobody else had ever managed to complete. Chris Martin made it. Or howsabout a 30,000 mile circumnavigation of the planet, by wheelchair. Andy Campbell is about to set off on that one. What about spending much of your early twenties in the middle of an ocean, highlighting global environmental issues and become an expert on plastic pollution? Hello, Emily Penn

Not many people have travelled the full length of the Amazon, less than ten, in fact. Mark Kalch is one of them. Have you ever rented a Fijian island and set up a tribe there, and then done the same on a beach in Sierra Leone? Ben Keene has.  Or what about developing a sports car to drive the length of the Americas, but powering it purely by electricity? Alex Schey, Ladies and Gentleman. Second youngest person to the North Pole and the second fastest ever to make it there. Parker Liautaud, you’re only 17, slow down! Leader of the first female team of 5 to row the Atlantic, at the same time as campaigning against human trafficking. Julia Immonen is fresh back on dry land. And then, being told you have Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 36 and deciding that you’re going to deal with it by running 10 million metres. Meet Mr Alex Flynn.

Frankly, as the only world record-breaking skateboarder who would 100% break an arm if he attempted a go on a half pipe, I’m honoured to be presenting the 7th Night of Adventure on 20th February in Leicester Square’s VUE cinema. All in aid of Hope & Homes for Children, the speakers above will stand beneath an enormous screen and share their own personal take on adventure. 

It’ll be an inspiring, funny and memorable night. We hope you can join us.

> If you’d like to, click here to buy your tickets

Tomorrow (Thursday 12th January) at The George on the Strand I’m lucky enough to be speaking alongside two inspirational blokes. Host and organiser Chris Martin, who himself has rowed just a couple of oceans, says it’s looking to be a busy evening but if you have a spare hour or two things kick off at 6:30pm - tickets on the door

Meet Alex Flynn
Alex was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 36. Since then he has vowed to run Ten Million Metres in order to raise £1 million pounds for the Cure Parkinsons Trust

Meet Shaun Quincey
In 2010 Shaun rowed solo between Australia and New Zealand, a distance of over 2000km through some of the roughest seas on Earth. Why? Well, one of the reasons was that in 1977 Shaun’s Dad, Colin, did exactly the same thing… 

If you’d like to come along to the event full details are available @ http://www.talesofadventure.co.uk

And there’s a Facebook group for the Tales of Adventure, too - check it out