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When Dave was 25 he realised he was a pretty rubbish graphic designer, so he took up a skateboard and crossed Australia. He hasn't looked back, and now he's a record-breaking adventurer, author and motivational speaker, as well as the founder of SayYesMore, aka. don't waste opportunities.

Amongst other things he has paddleboarded the length of the Mississippi, swum 1001 miles, written three books, stayed awake for 72 hours without turning crazy, and for years has tried in vain to get Nutella to sponsor his adventures. But will he give up? Never!
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Today’s daily #selfie with a lively bunch of students at @OxfordRoyale

This little drone is really quite clever. Look Mum, no hands!

Very nice to be one of @lonelyplanet’s list of most exciting modern adventurers

Since starting Another World Adventures Larissa and I haven’t spent much time exploring our own beautiful country – we’re generally jumping on and off boats, camels or horses in far flung locations meeting our lovely operators.

So when our friend and adventurer Dave Cornthwaite offered the opportunity to take a couple of ICE trikes (including his beloved ‘Trikey’) on an adventure around the UK we jumped at the chance, what a great opportunity for a micro-adventure on and to try out a new form of non-motorised transport.

Picking up the trikes in Falmouth in Cornwall we wound our way via the muddy off-road Bissoe trail to the north coast and from there we tackled and highs and lows of the Cornish hills. 

We quickly fell in love with our trikes loving how fast they could go on the flat and downhill  - like giant go-karts! The endless uphills were incredibly challenging but the excellent gear system meant even the toughest Cornish hill could be tackled with cheers of support from passers by.

Our route took us via Portreath, Hayle, St Ives, Penzance and we even managed a quick detour via the beautiful Scilly Isles -highly recommended. We wild-camped some nights with just our bivvy bags which added to the micro-adventure fun. By the time we raced the last few kilometres into Falmouth we were firm trike converts with some impressive newly-found leg muscles :-)

Our micro-adventure in stats:

Distance triked: 135km 

Favourite place triked: St Marys in the Scilly Isles

Most delicious meal: Seafood pasta with mussels we collected from the beach

Top ‘Trikey’ vs ‘Red’ moment: (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=741486382557093)

Best thing about trikes: you can multi-task in a way you cant on a bike. Open gates, eat pasties and map read without ever dismounting! 

A BIG thank you to Dave Cornthwaite and the ICE Trikes team for lending us Trikey and Red.

Coolest plane ever? #yum

Italy = Pizza. Panama = Hats. Cuba = Cigars. Mallorca = Sleeping Drunk People #thejoyofaconfirmedstereotype

Breakfast by the treehouse at Gran Hotel Son Net. Definitely a step up in luxury from the hammock

I’ve had worse views with morning coffee…

Woke up near Birmingham. Nodding off under the stars after epic evening at Hotel Cap Rocat in Mallorca. Full story to come soon!

If you’ve been doubting it, just look around. You’re a star, the signs are everywhere