Dave Cornthwaite

Dave Cornthwaite is an Adventurer, Speaker, Author and founder of Say Yes More.

Amongst other things he has paddleboarded the length of the Mississippi, skateboarded across Australia, swum 1001 miles, written three books, stayed awake for 72 hours in a row without turning crazy, and for years has tried in vain to get Nutella to sponsor his adventures. But will he give up? Never!
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Rewinding a 20 day trip in 20 hours. Old camping spots & dreadful uphills zooming by! With @onlybloodyhuman & @whikebv

Late on the evening of the 21st April Jamie, Ned and I rolled through a desert valley and pulled off to the side of Highway 25. We took a dirt track a hundred metres away from the rush of long haul traffic, and paused for a moment’s silence. Then I looked at them both:

'One thousand miles, boys, nicely done.'

We whooped! We’re grown men, and we whooped! It hadn’t been an easy ride. The hills took their toll on our bodies and our morale. We’ve climbed more than twice the height of Everest over the past three weeks and just, only just, managed to average the 50 miles per day that were required to make this the 9th edition of Expedition1000.

And that tells the story. When allowed to roam in their natural habitat, Whikes are capable of covering hundreds of miles per day. The Chilean topography reigned us in and when we were given a rare session of sailing it was joyful. Not taking something for granted certainly makes it taste sweeter.

We started by bursting out of Santiago just in time for sunrise on April 3rd. We finished as friends in the heart of the Atacama Desert, staring at the sun as it descended behind some of the driest hills in the world. What an adventure. 9 down, 16 to go.

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22 hours on a bus lie ahead. But for £30 for the entire trip, this is kinda like First Class! Time to head back to Santiago, get a plane to Germany and prepare for a brand new 1000 mile adventure. It starts on Monday, and from tomorrow night, you can vote for the transportation! Watch this space: night night!

Strange aggressive wooly dog in camo jacket. That’s a first.

Final stages of filming before a day-long bus ride back to Santiago. With @onlybloodyhuman

How to wrap a Whike for shipping #clingfilm

Day 19 faces: Dave

Day 19 faces: Jamie @onlybloodyhuman

Day 19 faces: Ned

Awesome DSLR-mounted Whike action on our last day! With @WhikeBV and @onlybloodyhuman